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Panoramic windows, modern marquees

Panoramic windows, modern marquees

We’re pretty pleased with our new panoramic windows this summer – they’ve been out on a lot of our marquees and look fantastic.

Georgian windows still look great and work well with marquees styled traditionally – for example, for an English fete or garden party feel.

Panoramic windows - Hampshire Marquee








But if you’re aiming for a sleeker, more contemporary style, then panoramic windows are likely to work best for you.

Modern marquee in Surrey

Three reasons to choose panoramic windows

  • To create a stylish, modern look
  • To maximise light inside your marquee
  • You can take full advantage of beautiful views and stunning gardens

Best of all, panoramic windows are still affordable!

Stylish marquee - Chichester








Contact us today to discuss how we can style your marquee – whether your event is a wedding, party or corporate event, we can create a marquee to suit.

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