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Marquee Venues Farnham

Q. How big should my marquee be?
As a rough rule of thumb we suggest you allow 20 sq ft [1.85 sq metres] per person to allow room for guests to be seated at round tables of 10 with room for a reception area, bar, dance floor and space for a band or disco. We will always carry out a site survey and advise you.  As a rough guide, for 100-110  people, you will need a 9m x 21m or 12m x 15m marquee (including room for a reception/bar area and dance floor).

Q. What shape should my marquee be?
Most marquees are generally square or oblong. However, since many gardens are not shaped that conveniently, we can provide L-shaped, T-shaped or X-shaped marquees.  It’s always worth asking and we are happy to come along for a site visit and discuss all the options with you.

Q. Does my garden need to be flat?
Gentle slopes are usually fine – however if it is steeper we suggest mounting the marquee on a purpose-built platform.  If your garden is slightly uneven, or there is a small step, we can level the floor with wooden flooring.  If your garden is on two levels, we can design the marquee as a split-level construction.

Marquee Construction Hampshire

Q. What about my precious plants?
We can often incorporate flower beds within a marquee and these look absolutely stunning – particularly if you treat the beds as features with some carefully-placed lighting!

Q. Will a marquee do any damage to my garden, or water pipes, cables etc?
Grass will be temporarily affected from having been covered for several days but will recover quickly.  Pegs driven into the ground can damage cables or pipes so please let us know if there are any cables or pipes where the marquee is to be erected.  Our team are well-trained and incredibly careful of the gardens and properties they work in – we will not leave a mess behind us.

Q. Can you cover my swimming pool?
Yes, we can incorporate your swimming pool within the marquee if required.

Q. Can you connect a marquee up to a building?
Yes, we can provide extension marquees if required.  We can also provide covered walkways from the marquee to house doors or luxury loos if needed.

Q. What kind of lighting can I have?
We have a large variety of lighting available from the simple candlelabra hung from the ceiling, uplighters with coloured gels, pin spot lights, laser lights, wall-wash lights, festoon and fairy lights, and even a starlight night effect, either over the dance floor or across the entire roof.  On our visit we can show you a visual presentation of all the options available.  Uplighters are a great option for atmosphere, but to provide more background light other lighting such as candelabras is useful.  We can provide dimmer switches to turn the main lighting down in the evening, too.

Q. Do I need wooden flooring?
Generally speaking during the summer in most situations this is not necessary.  However in winter or if the ground is very rough or wet we recommend having a wooden floor.  It all depends on the site.

Q. Will it look like a tent on the inside?
No, our marquees are fully lined and carpeted, and we can offer a choice of lining/carpet options.

Traditional English Marquee Interior

Q. Can I have a marquee in winter and if so how do I heat it?
Absolutely you can! We provide many marquees in winter particularly for Christmas, New Years Eve and birthday parties. We suggest you have powerful thermostatically-controlled heaters and duct the air in for maximum safety and comfort, and we can provide these ourselves.  We would also advise having properly close-able French doors to keep the warmth in!

Q. Can I have opening windows and doors in my marquee?
Yes, doors and windows can be positioned in the marquee, and we would discuss this with you in the planning stage.  Windows are brilliant as they allow you to show you off your garden!  We will also walk you round the marquee after we have finished setting-up to check you are perfectly happy with all the positioning.  Windows roll back so you can open the sides of the marquee in hot weather.

Q. Are your marquees liable to catch fire?
No, all our marquees and linings are made from fire retardant materials.  Fire certificates are available for inspection.  You can even have real candles in our marquees.

Q. How weatherproof are your marquees?  What about wind and rain?
Marquees are fundamentally waterproof and are anchored to the ground with pegs, so very stable and solid.

Q. What kind of covering can I have on my floor?
We can provide carpet in a vast range of colours, including single-use carpet bought especially for your wedding or event.  We don’t tend to use coconut matting as we find ladies tend to get their heels caught in it!

Q. Can you provide tables and chairs?
Yes, we have a range of tables and chairs available including gilt, silver, rustic village and lime washed Chiavari or Camelot chairs, and round or trestle tables in a variety of sizes.  We can also provide poseur tables for a bar area and a range of outdoor furniture.

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Q. What do I do about electricity?  Do I need a generator?
It is often possible to obtain electricity from your house via a special connection from a qualified electrician.  In other situations we can provide a silent-running generator of suitable size for your event.  We strongly advise that you do one or the other of these and don’t just plug into your house systems – a marquee-sized party can need a lot of electricity and nothing kills the atmosphere more quickly than lights and music suddenly cutting off!

Q. What about food preparation?
We can provide catering tents to your caterer’s measurements and needs such as correctly-positioned electric sockets.

Q. How long will the marquee be up for?  Will we be able to use it the day after the event?
Marquee hire is most often from two days before the event to two days after – so, from Thursday to Monday for a Saturday event.  We like to arrive between 7am and 8am on set-up days.  However we are very flexible and happy to arrange erection and take-down days with you.  If you would like to use the marquee the day after, for example, for a post-wedding relaxed family get-together, do let us know and we will accommodate this.  To save yourself cleaning-up duty, you might like us to arrange a small team to come in and rejuvenate the marquee for you the next morning!

Q. Can I open the marquee sides if the weather is hot?
Yes, the window sections can be rolled back and fastened to open up the marquee.

Q. Can we have an unlined marquee?
We would only suggest this for very casual events as the lining is an essential part of the luxury feel most people prefer for parties, weddings and corporate events.

Q. Can you provide loos?
Yes, we can.  We recommend self-contained luxury loo trailers for all but the most informal of events and would be happy to quote for their provision.  We organise all delivery/collection times on our set-up/take-down days – you don’t have to worry about a thing!

General Questions

Q. My daughter is getting married next year but we would like to book Moodies now. Will you hold your price?
Yes, regardless of how far ahead you book, on the receipt of a small deposit we guarantee to stick to the quoted price.

Q. I’m getting nervous already and my daughter’s wedding is still weeks away. Will I be able to get hold of anyone ‘out of hours’ if the need arises?
In the unlikely event that there is no-one in the office just leave a message on our 24-hour answer machine service and we’ll get back to you as quickly as you can.  In the last week before your event we give you the number of the event manager or marquee technician who will be there on the day so you can contact them too.

Q. What happens if we have a last minute change such as numbers increasing?
No problem! We’re used to the unexpected and as far as possible, late changes of plan will be accommodated by us, leaving you with only the weather to worry about!

Q. Should we take out insurance in case someone gets injured?
No. We have full public liability insurance which is included in our quoted price. Although you might want to take out accidental damage & loss insurance to cover the marquee and your own wedding insurance, which is not included.

Q. We’d like to see one of your marquees before we make a firm decision. Is this possible?
Of course. You are very welcome to visit our premises at Liphook or if you prefer, visit us on site at a location near you. Just contact us to arrange a convenient time.  We could also come to see you and show you our visual presentation of how one of our marquees would look, if you would rather.

Q. We need catering too!  Can you help?
Moodies offers the full package and as well as luxury marquee hire, we can cater at your wedding, party or event too.  Please visit our dedicated Moodies Catering website for full details and pictures of our food and weddings.

Wedding Catering Surrey

Q. In these  tough times what guarantee do we have that you’ll still be trading next year?
We started the company in 1977 and have been trading very successfully ever since. Even our bank manager is impressed!

Q. I’m convinced! What are your payment terms?
We ask for a non-refundable deposit of £750 for marquee hire on confirmation of your booking, then invoice you for the balance a month to three weeks before the wedding.  We can take payment by cheque, credit or debit card, or bank transfer.

Please contact us for further details.

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